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    HY-10 dome splice closure
    Model No. Item Material Capacity Size (mm)
    HY-10 splice closure  PC/ABS 48 core   340×320


    It applies to any sort of cables(loose tube, skeleton, ribbonetc.)and is available for usage of various connections(distribute,bridging, divergence etc.)in multiple environments (aerial,bracket, pipe-lined, handhole, manhole.).


    1.Optic fiber tray and trestle adopts integration design, which eases operation reasonably and strenghthen practical value.
    2.Suspension fixation insures cable in the middle of sealing set and comform to test requirements of cable torsion, stretching, pressure, bending.
    3.Vualcanized sealing strip is available forФ10~20 optical cable and brings excellently repeatable usage.